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Since 2001, the Branding Business Department  has been committed to the total health and well-being of consumers  in Taiwan by providing the highest quality calcium nutritional supplements. This zealous commitment to excellence focuses on four vital areas: Research, Distribution, Education, and Service.
“Food as a Medicine- Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food."” It is this same philosophy that will lead us in our continued efforts to support our current customers as well as make the new generations of health-conscious people healthier. It is not as if the role of food in total health care is something new to mankind.
Easy Ca –our first brand in Taiwan, has been giving the impression to Taiwanese that we are an easy to take, delicious and health calcium supplement providing service company. We are proud of this achievement and will continue to expand educational calcium food activities in Taiwan. 
D2H(Delicious to Health)-Our present brand in Taiwan.