Organization Chart
Foundation Period:
Sinmatai Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded on April 15th, 1984 with capital of NT$1,000,000, by several people with the concept of integrating the global economy, concentrating especially on the Pacific Rim. The concept behind the company was the triangular trade among Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. The name Sinmatai, combining the three countries, was chosen to reflect this. The exchange of goods in Asia was the main business at that time.
Formation Period:
In 1985, Mr. William Wu, a well-known expert in the field of DIY  (Do It Yourself) tools, joined the management of the company. He reorganized the company an renamed it Sinmatai Enterprise Co., Ltd. DIY tools and other hardware related products were exported to North America which has since become the company’s primary target market. In the following year, the company’s capital was increased again to NT$5,000,000.
Long Term Goal
Integrate various markets, sources, human resources, and professional expertise in trade in the pursuit of our goal: the establishment of a true international trading conglomerate.