Organization Chart

Since 1984, Sinmatai had always been guided by two visions for the exporting business department:


Through the most efficient "Total Cost Advantages" to make comfort of DIY tools products usage an attainable reality for all consumer.

Through the devotion to greater social harmony and higher ethical standards to achieve a win-win model for all stakeholders including shareholders, employees, community and management.

Sinmatai's competitive advantages stem from the good faith and high-speed business model and the unique Sinmatai culture. By defining itself as a service company rather than a trading concern, Sinmatai has structured the company to supply products with Speed, Quality, Services, Flexibility and Monetary Cost Saving. Sinmatai management and employees are devoted to customer's long term success and a pride in our hardworking culture.

Sinmatai is committed to continual growth through education, investing in it’s people for the long term and localization globally. This not only leads to the deep collaborating relationships with leading institutions of high learning, but also helps to make Sinmatai the most competitive servicing exporting company in Asia,